Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time to clean out the kitchen drawers!

Ever get tired of looking at your kitchen gadgets sliding around in the drawers?

Yes...... well, I did something about it!

I have looked at what dividers were available to purchase but never found a perfect fit for all of my particular thingamabobs. So I decided to measure and build my own!! Here is the first drawer finished – only five more to go!
They are easy to make. First inventory what you have and decide how the dividers will be sized and laid out. Draw what you want on paper and label the length and height of each piece of lumber. Make sure the overall size is 1/8” smaller than the inside of your drawer. Check the height of the drawer as well or you won’t be closing that drawer once the divider gets made!
Supplies needed; compound miter saw, hammer, tiny ½” brad nails, wood glue, sandpaper, and lumber. I bought 1/4" thick x 4 feet long poplar boards at +Lowe's Home Improvement, buy the size that would work best for the height of your drawers.
Cut the lumber into pieces then glue and nail them together according to the drawing. After the glue has dried, lightly sand any rough edges and polyurethane or paint your custom drawer divider.

Remember - safety first! If you are not tool friendly have someone cut the boards for you.

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