Friday, December 28, 2012

Dreaming of Paris!

Some things you photograph and they always stay fresh in your mind and these pastries are top on that list!
This little bakery in Paris drew me in… I smelled this wonderful aroma before I even saw the store front. It wasn’t very big inside but the impact was enormous, the smell of warm yeast breads just baked grabbed your attention then the visual images of the artfully designed pastries saturated in vibrant colors made your mouth water.
 If these pastries were made in Claude Monet’s day could they have been part of his inspiration as a French Impressionist painter? I'd like to think so because they definitely inspired my creativity. 

My modest attempt at baking this Christmas could never stand up to the beautiful pastries I photographed in Paris but never the less my family enjoyed what I made for them. And I do love to bake!
Just had to add the Palais Royal Metro/subway entrance.
It was my favorite stop! Click here for location
Looks good enough to eat!

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